Hotel Elena, the town of Elena

The culture events in the town of Elena are connected with its place in the Bulgarian Revival and the traditional Bulgarian holidays.

  • The holiday of the town Elena - 21st May - "Equal to the Apostles Emperor Saints Constantine and Helena".
  • Neuvski sabor - it is held annually on 1st May with rich folklore programme.
  • Municipal fair of the public community centres - amateur groups performance. It is held annually on 24th May in one of the seventeenth community centres in the municipality.
  • The Balkan sings and tells - annually in june in one of the towns Elena, Dryanovo, kotel, Tryavna or gurkovo. The motto of the holiday is the Balkan sings and tells.
  • The pilgrimage tour to Kapinovo monastery - is held annually in July where a service is held and water consecration is made to everybody's health and wellbeing.

  • Holiday of Elena Balkan - it is held for two days in July.
  • The day of the leaders of the National Revival - the first of November is held in high esteem by the people in Elena.
  • The Running - on 5th of December, the inhabitants pay their respect to the heroism of the perished Russian soldiers.

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